I’m two weeks out from my next figure competition in Sacramento, CA. I’m so focused and love the strict structure that comes with competition. I love the challenge it gives me to get into amazing shape. I have been training hard and staying on my nutrition plan. My last back workout was so intense and fun so I thought I would share it with you. Remember to always warm up before you start and take it at your own level.

  • Wide grip cable pull downs 4×20,15,12,8 (60,75,90,105 lbs)
  • Super set with Superman’s 4 x 20 (no weight used)
  • One handed cable rows 4×15,12,8,8 (70,80,90,100 lbs) each side.
  • Close grip seated rows 4×15 (80,90,105,105 lbs)

Boy was my back sore!! Totally loved it!!

Happy training and remember to always consult your doctor before starting any training program.