Even Professional Dancers Weight Train

🔥Even professional dancers weight train🔥
These amazing ladies are professional dancers and also weight train to stay strong and fit. I was honored to work with them and proud to attend their dance performance. In honor of them, I have put this video together to show you how amazing and talented they are and also show you some of their weight training workouts. I hope you enjoy!

Divinity Professional Dancers - Taylor HolladayBailey Holladay and Lexi Hunsaker

Everyone can benefit from Weight Training

Check out this video to see how amazing these ladies really are!

Injury Prevention Guide - INFOGRAPHIC

As you start any new fitness or exercise program the number one goal should be to stay injury free. Especially because building momentum and consistency is when you start seeing and feeling improvements, and you don’t want anything to stop the momentum, especially an injury.

Always remember to start slow, on your own level, and follow these 7 tips below for staying injury free.

Guide provided by Universal Spa & Training Academy a massage therapy school Chicago

Resistance Bands Back Workout for Traveling or At-Home

If you’ve been looking for a back workout you can do while traveling or at home here’s a perfect one for you. All you need are a set of resistant bands. Resistance bands are great since they are inexpensive and you and easily take them anywhere and still get a great workout.

You can order the Resistant Bands here: https://amzn.to/2KvoT2W

Workout Description:

1. Standing or Sitting Rows for Medial Back - 3 sets of 15 reps

2. Superman’s for Lower Back. Alternating - 3 sets of 20 reps

3. Sitting Lat Pull Down - 3 sets of 15 reps

4. Kneeling Straight Arm Pulldown for Lats - 3 sets of 15 reps

Stretches - Hold all stretches for 30 seconds.

1. Squatted Lat Stretch

2. Supine Floor Knees to the Side - Lower Back Stretch

3. Cobra Stretch - Ab Stretch

4. Supine Knees to Chest - Lower Back Stretch

5. Supine Piriformis Stretch - Lower Back and Glute Stretch

I hope you enjoyed this workout. You can order the Resistant Bands here: https://amzn.to/2KvoT2W

Ways to De-Stess Naturally

Stress! Why do we seem to have so much of it? And why is it so hard to eliminate? This is an issue I help so many of my clients with. Especially the women who work full time, have kids to take care of, are trying to serve the community, take care of the home and prepare all the meals. It’s just simply too much!

The truth is we cannot do it all!

Until we change our lifestyle and acknowledge how detrimental all this stress is on the body, it will continue to us break down, causing sickness and long term health risks.

Take a look at the effects stress has on your body and some way you can holistically treat that stress. Make a commitment to try a few of these strategies.

Holistic Happiness: Ways To De-Stress Naturally provided by The Flower Apothecary

Taking Care of You: Your Self Care Guide

Self-care is always on the top of my list since if we don't take care of ourselves everything around us seems to fall apart. I've had to learn this the hard way, so now it's my passion to bring knowledge to my clients and friends as to why it's so important.

Here's are some ideas you can incorporate into your life to help fill you up so you can give back without sacrificing your health.


Self-Care guide created by Tyler's Beauty & Spa Academy a nail tech school


I love giving during the holidays but I like to support my clients in their goals by giving them things to support the lifestyle they have worked so hard for. Instead of the cookies, chocolates, or other treats take a closer look at some other ideas to support your family and friends to be healthy and fit also. I promise they will truly appreciate you thinking about their Massage:
It’s not considered just an indulgent to get massages anymore. It’s about taking care of yourself and giving your body what it needs to relax or work out those tight muscles. This is a perfect gift for someone who is over-stressed.

Workout Clothes or shoes:
Everyone that workouts at a gym or does outdoor sports need the proper clothing. This is a perfect gift to support someones fitness regimen.

Workout Equipment:
If you know someone that likes to workout at home or isn’t comfortable going to the gym workout equipment is perfect to support their goals. Think exercise balls, hand held weights, bands or yoga mats with a yoga video.

Gym Membership:
Has your loved one always wanted a gym membership. The gym is the perfect place for support, classes, expert advice and learning about nutrition and fitness.

Personal Trainer:
Do you know someone that wants to learn how to weight train to change body composition but doesn’t know where to start. Hiring them a personal trainer to get them started by showing them proper form and techniques would be perfect. Individualized instruction will give them the confidence they need to do it on their own.

Healthy Food Basket:
Giving a basket filled with fresh, delicious fruits is a blessing to so many this season who are tired of being tempted with all the sugary treats. I hope you enjoy and have a happy, healthy holiday!