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My Anti-Aging Secrets

Women are always asking me how my skin looks so good. I have a handful of secrets I only share with you, my Fit & Ageless members.

Some of my secrets are products I believe in and use, others are habits I refuse to slack off on, and a couple of them are homemade recipes I've developed. I will be sharing my beauty secrets here regularly. 

I hope you enjoy them all!



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The best, easiest, and cheapest way to keep your skin looking youthful and clear, is to DRINK YOUR WATER. I drink on an average of 1 gallon of water per day. This helps to keep my skin elastic and hydrated.

Challenge yourself to a water drinking competition. See if you can drink 128 ounces for 7 days. You'll be amazed at how you will feel AND look!



I'm sure you've heard the phrase - get your beauty sleep. Well, it's true! I follow a pretty tight schedule, and because of this, I am pretty strict on going to bed when I need to. I have found, for myself I need at minimum 7-8 hours of good sleep in order to keep the bags from appearing under my eyes, and to feel great! Find out how many hours you need, then stick to a schedule.

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My favorite face regimen I do regularly includes Revision D.E.J. Products. These products are so effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines. They are great for sensitive skin and do not irritate. I honestly can tell a big difference with these products. They help my face stay youthful looking. Check them out below.

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Have you ever tried to create just the right mix of a magic potion to make your skin look amazing? I have and I want to share it with you! To reduce signs of aging, stretch marks, and cellulite, mix these ingredients together and apply regularly:


Face masks are a perfect treatment for hydrating skin, removing excess oils, and approving appearance. They can also pull out impurities.  I have a few homemade remedies and one you can purchase. Here are my 3 top favorites:

1. Dead Sea Mud Mask

2. Egg White Mask:

1 egg white

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp orange juice

3. Avocado Mask:

½ ripe avocado

1 tsp honey

1 tsp plain organic yogurt (full fat) 



A dry body brush will give your body a thorough exfoliation and also stimulate circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage, which helps the body eliminate toxins. Dry brushing also help with cellulite and sheds dead skin cells. I dry brush 2-3 days a week before a bath or shower.


1.     Natural body brush

2.     You only need 5-20 minutes

3.     Light pressure is best to

stimulate circulation. It shouldn’t hurt

4.     Skin should be pink, not red or irritated. 

5.     Brush upwards towards the heart.

A few of my other favorite products to try...